We Offer Ready-to-Cook, Ready-to-Eat, And Ready-to-Heat Meals!

Our Products

At Kibberia Foods we work closely with our customers to co-develop recipes that will meet any holiday, seasonal, and cultural celebrations. We offer over 350 products spanning multiple cuisines from across the world.
Here are a few of our delicious products:

  • Bakes
  • Burritos & Quesadillas
  • Casseroles
  • Grain Bowls
  • Salads
  • Meals
  • Dressings
Kibberia Foods

Food Safety & Quality

The Kibberia Foods team and leadership recognize the importance of creating a company culture that promotes devotion to food safety. Providing the utmost secure food permeates all processes throughout Kibberia Foods’ supply chain and remains a primary consideration during all operations. In order to nurture this company culture that reflects the high priority of food safety, Kibberia Foods commits to:

  • SQF Certified, FSMA-ready facility
  • HACCP Certified
  • Annual performance audits
  • USDA on site
  • Strict adherence to regulatory authorities
  • Commitment to complying with the SQF code
  • Continuous efforts to better quality and safety of food
  • Dedication to meeting customer requirements and specifications

Exceptional Freshness | Matchless Variety | Highest Quality

  • At Kibberia, we only use fresh, local and peak season produce
  • Quality Control checks are performed on each product prior to all shipments
  • All ingredients are received and produced on the same day to ensure they contain the highest quality of freshness and taste
  • All products are made fresh to order
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